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TheoDisc is a podcast by WTC faculty and friends with fortnightly episodes on theological ideas that will hopefully stimulate you to pursue your own theological learning and ultimately to deepen your faith. It is a place of discussion and debate, and a place to hear a variety of voices. We do hope you enjoy listening! TheoDisc is part of WTC Theology:

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Wednesday May 15, 2024

In episode 36 of TheoDisc, Kenny is joined by Prof Murray Rae, and they address the question: "Why is the resurrection of Jesus important?" Murray works from the narrative of scripture to explore the ways the resurrection influences our understanding of Christ, salvation, the future, mission, the church, and the unfolding purpose of history. They discuss the proclamation, rather than the proving, of the resurrection, and how its experience is an encounter with Jesus that invites us into participation in his resurrection life. Enjoy!
You can pre-order Murray's book Resurrection and Renewal: Jesus and the Transformation of Creation here:

Wednesday May 01, 2024

In episode 35 of TheoDisc, Kenny chats with Dr Amy Brown Hughes about a topic that has often been left for Youth groups to discuss nervously - that’s the topic of Virginity. In her work in historical theology, Amy has explored the ways that, for the church, virginity has historically been about more than just sexual abstinence, but was a calling, an identification with Christ and the church, and a theological category in its own right. They discuss the ways perceptions of celibacy and marriage have changed, and how we might learn from the early church to reclaim the virtues of chastity, faithfulness, and integrity in our personhood.
Amy teaches Patristics at WTC and is an associate professor of theology at Gordon College. She holds a B.A. in Theology and Historical Studies from Oral Roberts University, a Masters in General History of Christianity and a PhD in historical theology with an emphasis in early Christianity, both from Wheaton College. She is the author (with Lynn Cohick,) of 'Christian Women in the Patristic World. Her research interests include Eastern Christianity, trinitarian and christological thought, Christian asceticism, theological anthropology, and highlighting the contributions of minority voices to theology, especially those of women. She is also a co-host for the theology stream of the biblical studies and theology podcast OnScript.

Wednesday Apr 10, 2024

In episode 34 of TheoDisc, we ask the question: "Are there signs in the west that attitudes towards God and faith are shifting?" That’s the hope presented by our guest for this episode, Justin Brierley. Justin has been hosting and leading conversations for some time around Christian apologetics, inter-faith dialogue, theological debate, and the place of Christianity within western culture.
Kenny and Justin talked about his latest book and accompanying podcast called ‘The Surprising Rebirth of Belief in God’. You may have also seen Justin’s recent piece in the Spectator magazine titled ‘A Christian Revival is Under Way in Britain’. Justin contends that there is a developing shift in western culture towards an openness to faith in God, accompanied by voices both Christian and secular who are asking new, or perhaps old, questions in the wake of a foundational fracturing of a purely atheistic materialist worldview.
Connect with Justin here:
Surprising Rebirth in Belief in God Book & Podcast:
Spectator article:
Justin’s interview with WTC Principal Lucy Peppiatt:
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Wednesday Mar 27, 2024

In episode 33 of Theodisc, we’re thinking about ‘kingdom’ as the overarching theme of the whole biblical story - this idea that if you step back and observe the entire sweep of the Scriptural narrative, the image of God as the coming king becomes evident. Kenny had a chat with Dr Stephen Dempster, who has just written a book called ‘The Return of the Kingdom: A Biblical Theology of God’s Reign’ and we are delighted and privileged to have him on the podcast.

Wednesday Mar 13, 2024

In episode 32 of TheoDisc Podcast, Kenny is joined by Paulus de Jong as they explore allusions from John's Gospel to the book of Exodus, and how seeing those links make us better readers of John's Gospel. Enjoy!

Wednesday Feb 28, 2024

In this episode, Kenny speaks with Jared Patrick Boyd about the danger of seeing Spiritual formation as a mere Christian lifestyle fad, the purpose of spiritual disciplines as more than just helpful habits but to make visible our interior world, and how Spiritual Formation only fully benefits us on our journey to Christlikeness if we pursue it in community.
Jared Patrick Boyd is a teacher, pastor, spiritual director, and founder of the Order of the Common Life, a missional monastic order reimagining religious vocations for the whole church for the twenty-first century. He is part of VineyardUSA and is the author of Imaginative Prayer: A Yearlong Guide to Your Child’s Spiritual Formation and the book we are talking about today: Finding Freedom in Constraint: Reimagining Spiritual Disciplines as a Communal Way of Life.  Now, here’s our conversation.

Wednesday Feb 14, 2024

In this episode of  TheoDisc, Kenny talks with our Vice Principal and New Testament scholar Ben Blackwell about the already but not yet of the kingdom, and how God's kingdom comes with power and also through suffering. Ben’s primary teaching and research areas include New Testament and Theology, and he thoroughly enjoys interacting with students on a wide variety of topics on our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at WTC.  Enjoy!

Thursday Feb 01, 2024

Church planters and ministry pioneers are at the forefront of the mission to carry the good news of the Kingdom to as many places as possible. In many ways, this requires fresh and innovative thinking. But it also requires an understanding of the ways God has been working in the church throughout its history, and a commitment to thinking about church planting in a theologically robust way that underpins the practical planning, strategy and commitments required. 
On this episode of TheoDisc, Kenny talks with with Alain Emerson and Roger Ellis, who teach Ecclesiology as part of WTC’s Graduate Diploma in Church Planting & Leadership. Whether you are planting a church, leading in a church, or are part of a church family, this conversation will cause you to think about the rich history of God’s people as they have allowed the Scriptures and the Spirit to deeply affect their thinking, and how this should shape our future thinking on what the church should be.

Wednesday Jan 17, 2024

In this episode, Kenny is joined by Nigel Langford, and they go on an exploration of theological understanding and revelation of God’s character through Nigel and his wife, Nicky’s adoption story. Enjoy!

Sandra Glahn - Nobody’s Mother

Wednesday Nov 29, 2023

Wednesday Nov 29, 2023

Welcome to TheoDisc episode 27! In this episode we welcome Prof Sandra Glahn of Dallas Theological Seminary. Kenny and Sandra explore her new book, Nobody’s Mother, and the implications of archaeological, cultural, historical, literary, and biblical evidence for our understanding of Paul’s letters, and in particular the passage in 1 Tim 2:15.

Wednesday Nov 15, 2023

In this episode of TheoDisc, Kenny was in conversation with Aaron White, and they addressed these questions and more... Is it possible that the narratives, themes and words that we see in our popular culture can be avenues for God to speak? How can we engage film, literature, music and more with our ears open to the gospel of the Kingdom? And can our engagement with art help us to minister in the world more effectively? 

Wednesday Nov 01, 2023

At WTC, we believe that theological education should be accessible to everyone, not just those in paid ministerial work. As a result, more than half of our student body aren’t in paid Christian ministry, but are working in the marketplace, education, health, trades, and other venues. Our guest on this episode, Marijke Hoek, believes that professionals should be viewed as those on kingdom mission in the world and should be supported, equipped, and learned from in their communication of the gospel. This was such an interesting and thought-provoking discussion and we hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday Oct 18, 2023

In recent years we’ve seen a crisis of leadership in the western Evangelical world. We can all name names and shake our heads, but perhaps we ought to step back and think more widely about the models or leadership we’ve adopted and put into practice. In this episode of TheoDisc, Kenny talks with Professor Andrew Parker about the ways in which we need to re-engage with and train people in the kind of leadership modelled by Jesus - servant leadership. Enjoy.
This is our 24th episode of TheoDisc, so if you haven’t heard all our previous episodes, please dig into our back catalogue. You can receive all future episodes by subscribing to TheoDisc on whatever podcast platform you use.

Wednesday Oct 04, 2023

In this episode of TheoDisc, Kenny chats with Alister Wallace about how the books of Judges and Ruth ought to be read together, and how women and the treatment of women are vital to the theological trajectory of these books. Our often simplistic presentations of Biblical figures like Gideon and Samson can obscure the fact that the book in which they feature, Judges, is a grim exploration of Israel’s inability to remain faithful to their covenant with God and the resulting consequences. By contrast, the book which immediately follows Judges is Ruth, a book brimming with displays of covenant faithfulness. 

Carmen Imes - Being God’s Image

Wednesday Sep 20, 2023

Wednesday Sep 20, 2023

On today’s episode, Kenny had a  conversation with the wonderful Dr Carmen Imes. Carmen holds a PhD from Wheaton College and is the Associate Professor of Old Testament at Biola University in California. In her work, Carmen shows a real passion to help everyone engage with the Old Testament and to discover how it is still relevant for us today. She does this through her Torah Tuesday Youtube Podcast and through her books ‘Bearing God’s Name’ and her most recent work ‘Being God’s Image: Why Creation Still Matters” where she explores what it means for us to be made as the image of God. Kenny had a chance to talk with Carmen about her latest book and we hope this will provoke your own thinking about how you live out this core identity. Enjoy.

Wednesday Aug 09, 2023

In this episode, Kenny chats with Scot McKnight about his latest publication - The Second Testament - a new Bible translation of the New Testament. Enjoy!
Episode 21 Outline:
Start-01:37 - Introduction.
01:37-04:20 - Welcome to Scot and 3 questions.
04:29-13:39 - What was your motivation for The Second Testament behind the translation project? How does this Bible translation differ from other more familiar ones? How have you resisted compromise by staying close to the Greek text?
13:48-28:33 - When translating from the Greek, how do you consider the history of established English tranlations in the process? Was this familiarity  an issue for you? Your use of 'new' words for well-known ones, is very interesting, so how did you make these decisions? Discussing examples of these, including 1 Cor 11.
28:41-36:10 - As a translator, you make certain decisions that have consequences, so how do you make the choice in a faithful way? For those who don't speak or read Greek, how can you reassure them that the translation process is being faithful to the text?
36:18-End - Close and further information.


The TheoDisc Podcast

TheoDisc is a podcast by WTC faculty and friends where we present theological ideas in an accessible way that will hopefully stimulate you to pursue your own theological learning and ultimately to deepen your faith. It is a place of discussion and debate, and a place to hear a variety of voices. We do hope you enjoy listening!

TheoDisc is part of WTC, a theological college that seeks to transform people through life-giving theology in the presence and power of the Spirit. Our innovative Hub model allows you to study on any of our part-time programmes without leaving your work or ministry. We aim to equip and send the whole people of God in partnership with the local church throughout the UK. Come and find out more at

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